brand architecture

For your brand to endure, it must adapt—often in subtle ways. And when the brand coexists with related ones or an overarching company brand, it's influenced by them and vice versa. In each case, an underlying brand architecture governs the changes and relationships. We've stewarded numerous brands for decades and have developed ways to sustain brand advantage with good architecture.

brand asset management

While building your brand over time, many documents, digital files, and physical assets are created. Frequently, the process moves so fast that little forethought is given to archiving and organizing all your assets for legacy purposes. We can help you construct and maintain brand archive systems, whereby files, materials, and information are assembled, organized, and archived for easy retrieval, regularly updated, and systematically backed up to protect and maximize the value of your marketing investment.

brand styleguides

We'll create your brand styleguide to help the various marketing teams and service providers involved in future elaboration of your brand. The document illustrates and elaborates graphic design and sensory factors; perceptual factors such as mood, voice, and tone; technical issues such as file formats, sizes, enabling technologies, and systems in use; and creative guidelines for applying style rules in different media channels. The more widely dispersed your brand development team and service providers, the more precise and detailed we'll make your styleguide.

brand redesigns

Redesigning your brand is a delicate undertaking that demands a specialized strategic and creative approach. We've been through it so often, we can spare you many pitfalls that prove costly in terms of time, money, quality, and implementation ease. Whether your redesign effort involves versioning, repositioning, or re-launching your brand, we can smooth the path for you.

brand family designs

If you need help fitting in a new brand with a preexisting scheme, or resolving tonal and stylistic differences within brand families with one or more "black sheep," we're here to create harmony. These brand development challenges can be thorny, but we appreciate them and have worked out issues with brand twins, siblings, cousins, and parents-children. Our process for doing so has been known to not only resolve design issues but strategic ones as well.

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