brand identity

We help you create all the sensory and tonal impressions that make up your brand's identity—a dimension that encompasses more than the visual elements many people call "branding." Design is the tip of the brand development iceberg and only succeeds in the context of customers' total sensory and emotional experience with a brand.

brand naming

We have extensive experience naming products, processes, companies, services, and even medical procedures. To create a winning name for you, we've developed a highly divergent process that produces hundreds of novel candidates. These are refined using proprietary database tools and technologies that ensure usability. The process ultimately yields multiple brand names for you that are differentiated, memorable, clear, and appealing.

taglines & themelines

After your creative blueprint and brand story are complete, we typically work on your brand's tagline, often in concert with core concept development. Good taglines capture your brand spirit and positioning in as few words as possible. We make sure they succeed on the unconscious level, speaking to your customers' deeper needs and aspirations, rather than only on the literal and rational levels. This elevates your tagline from being merely a marketing device to being a rallying cry for your organization

core concepts & brand boards

We'll help you "discover" your brand through core concepts and brand boards, the classic drawing-board and cutting-room exercises of advertising and design. It's a search for spirit of your brand, its people, personality, style, art, mood, and tone. Concepts and boards are great not only for discovering brands, but also for engaging marketing teams and executives in the creative process—kind of a collective journey to your brand's true character.

lettermark & logo designs

After having designed hundreds of company and product logos, we've developed a streamlined process that can shave weeks and months off your schedule. It hinges on isolating design variables to avoid endless rounds of revision and also involves beta-testing your prospective logos across different media channels, display formats, technologies, materials, and color systems to determine viability before a final design is chosen. The endgame is to ensure that any design you select succeeds in being striking, versatile, unique, memorable, and appealing.

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