brand story

Your brand has a story it's trying to tell. It has a beginning, middle, and happy ending. It has a plot, characters, villains, heroes, obstacles, and a climax. In other words, it is full of life and emotion, not just facts and features. Telling your brand story in ways that emotionally engage people is what makes it a winning brand. We have some unique tools to help you develop a more original and convincing story.

customer personas

We help you to better understand the unique human beings who are your customers, to hear their story in detail, to see your marketplace through their eyes. Your customers are after all real people with real concerns, not statistics. This insight turns brand marketing upside down, freeing it from company-centric views that undermine brand advantage.

company portrait

Your company is one of the most important characters in your story—right up there with customers. We help you understand this character not just cognitively, but also from an emotional point of view. This gives your story more meaning. Creating these portraits in both words and images helps organizations come to see themselves objectively yet empathically—great for teambuilding.

brand story creation

Taking the time to create your brand story replete with the classic elements of drama brings your brand strategy into focus. We help you develop your brand story in words and images, often as a storybook or storyboard. This reduces reliance on business buzzwords and helps you develop your own brand language. It also moves your story from the black-and-white realm of information into the spectrum of experience and emotion, where winning brands succeed.

brand messaging platform

We help you distill your brand story into key themes, positioning, plot points, brand attributes, and reasons why. This messaging platform ultimately becomes part of your creative blueprint and brand styleguide, and helps guide every brand-marketing project, program, or tactic you undertake. It's a living document that evolves with your brand through its lifecycle.

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