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November 13, 2017

Rebranding revisited

As is true for most advertising and design agencies, prospective clients often approach us seeking help with what some of them call rebranding. Usually such requests stem from a desire for design renovations to existing marketing materials. Phrases like, "We need to update our logo," and "Can you freshen up our layouts?" or "What we need is a design makeover," tend to come up. Usually clients frame the project as a small one, the scope of work defined solely in graphic design terms, like you might describe painting the façade of a house ... Read more

January 25, 2016

Blackrock Microsystems taps SF agency airt group to re-launch brand via integrated communication program

Rebranding effort launched at Neuroscience 2015, extended to online and traditional company communications

Salt Lake City, Utah — Blackrock Microsystems has launched a new integrated marketing communications program that resulted from comprehensive rebranding efforts with San Francisco advertising and design firm Airt Group. The launch culminates a six-month strategic planning and creative development process that yielded fundamental company repositioning, new brand identity components and a comprehensive marketing communications campaign ... Read more

December 14, 2015

airt implements multichannel brand re-launch for Imorgon ultrasound technology

Specialty Radiology Company Revitalizes Brand Identity, Messaging; Renames Ultrasound Technology; Rolls Out Comprehensive 2014 Marketing Campaign

Redwood City, Calif. — Airt Group advertising and design agency has teamed with Imorgon Medical of Redwood City, CA to revitalize the company's brand positioning, identity and messaging by implementing a long-term multichannel marketing campaign ... Read more

June 17, 2014

Brand Development for the Rest of Us

It is our firm conviction that the ultimate aim of marketing should be brand development. After all, if your marketing efforts aren't creating preference for your brands in the form of positive regard, loyalty, and pricing advantage, then what are they doing? But let's be honest. The truth is, most small and medium enterprises (SMEs), whether for-profit or nonprofit, cannot or do not hold their marketing programs accountable to metrics that matter. This is because the ones that really matter are hard to gauge, or even identify to begin with. Metrics that don't matter on the other hand are easy to come by... Read more

June 23, 2013

New Life for Underperforming Websites

There are about 10 billion websites on the Internet today. Unfortunately, most have low search engine page ranks and remain virtually hidden from potential site visitors. Some of these sites look fine from the outside. But on the inside, it's a different story. Why most websites aren't fulfilling their potential. Beneath their flashy banners, borders, and photos, most websites are basically snoozing on the job. Five bad habits are usually to blame ... Read more

February 3, 2013

Online Marketing Programs: An Overview

Many business owners believe that if they build a nice-looking website that communicates all about the company's products and capabilities, then visitors and sales naturally will come. Typically the focus is on visual design, the content company-centered. It's basically what has been called a sell-and-tell approach. Websites developed this way may look and sound great to their owners. But neither attribute has much to do with getting prospects to: a) visit the site in the first place; b) stay for a while after arriving; and c) initiate some action that the company desires ... Read more

January 9, 2013

Website Maintenance: So Who Needs It?

Once your company's website is up and running it's only natural to think, well, that's that for now. The idea that it somehow needs to be maintained seems odd. After all, it doesn't have moving parts like a car, does it? Actually, today's dynamic websites do indeed have a few moving parts. But the problem isn't the "car" per se. It's the road—this thing called the Internet, which not only keeps moving, but also changes the traffic signals frequently. The aim of website maintenance is to keep your site on the road, unimpeded and unharmed. The critical maintenance tasks go beyond updating text, images, or media ... Read more

November 27, 2012

airt rolls out comprehensive European marketing launch for BioVentrix and new surgical device

Cardiac Care Company Revamps Brand Image; Renames Surgical Product and Procedure; Unveils New Marketing Program at EACTS 2012

San Rafael, Calif. — The airt group marketing design firm has launched a new brand communication campaign for its client BioVentrix, located in San Ramon, Calif. The marketing strategy, branding and communication program were in support of the company's recent European product launch, which occurred at the Annual Meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons (EACTS) in Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 27-31 ... Read more

November 18, 2012

Characteristics of Good Strategic Marketing Plans

"I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable."

Dwight David Eisenhower

The late President Eisenhower's laconic remark expresses a cardinal tenant of effective strategy formulation: Good planning is a process, not a document or event. When conducted earnestly, the process produces a detailed but structured view of the business landscape and the forces at work in it. But the true value of the process has less to do with the deliverable (a document or report), than with exploring possible ranges of actions, with a wide array of contingencies and alternative scenarios accounted for ... Read more

March 20, 2012

airt Launches New Branding and Marketing Communications Programs for Rubicon Gear

High-Precision Gear Manufacturer Streamlines Name; Revamps Brand Image; Expands Resources for Customers

Long Beach, Calif. — The airt group advertising and design agency today launched a new brand communication program for its client G&N Rubicon Gear, located in Santa Ana, Calif. The branding and marketing updates reflect the company's renewed focus as a leading provider of high-performance motion-control and power-transmission components and subsystems ... Read more

January 26, 2012

airt Rolls Out Re-Branding Campaign for eDocument Solutions

New Brand Image Reflects Company's Revamped Market Focus and Positioning

Long Beach, Calif. — The airt group advertising and design agency has announced the rollout of a new brand communication program for its client eDocument Solutions of Irvine, Calif. Implementation of the campaign marks the culmination of ten months of collaboration between the two firms, which began in March 2011 ... Read more

December 14, 2011

Keep that tactical wish-list in the bottom drawer for now

First focus on the why's and what's of marketing strategy

In the traditional advertising world, December and January are typically the months when agencies sit down with clients to help them create their annual marketing plans. Often the process consists of meetings in which smart people say things like: "And we'll need one of these, and two of those, and don't forget three more of the whatchamacallits we did last year, and . . ." You get the idea ... Read more

June 27, 2011

airt opens its doors

Redondo Beach, CA. Today marked the opening of a new Los Angeles area advertising and graphic design firm to be known as the airt group. According to the firm's principal, Bill Light, a veteran of the California advertising and marketing consulting industries, the firm will particularly focus on helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow through evidence-based design. Read more

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